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industry first
The hotel is run by rock alone.



This is Japan's first and industry's first solution that allows you to operate an accommodation business with just a lock. Management of hotels, inns, simple lodgings, private lodgingscan be realized with one app. at the doorInstall the KEYVOX smart lock and use the ​You can start your accommodation business just by downloading the

No credit card registration required



Hotel and lodging business

allto the cloud.

You can start your lodging business simply by connecting KEYVOX to the site controller. Reservation management, inventory management, sales management, check-in tablet, guest reservation app, key app, all in one, nothing else is needed.KEYVOX misses new business opportunitiesI don't.

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Earn more with accommodation/hourly hybrid operation.

The times call for more flexible space businesses. With the KEYVOX LaaP service, you can manage different business models, such as renting time between stays, on a single management screen. Yolo Base uses Yolo Holtel's room as a waiting room for events to effectively utilize free time during the day and strengthen profitability. KEYVOX supports a wide range of business such as accommodation, day use, rental space hourly, coworking space, monthly membership service, etc. with one system.

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​ Property inventory management



Smart Lock ​+​ Mobile App


​Entry history management



Accommodation business function is all-in-one.

KEYVOX LaaP comes standard with PMS (Property Management System = property inventory management) function, payment function compatible with major payment methods, identity verification service, self-check-in service, etc. By simply using KEYVOX's smart lock service, you can start a space rental business without signing up for additional services. The service is always up-to-date via the cloud. A premium plan that includes communication support with guests is also on sale.

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Case study

KEYVOX is not only a new key for the unmanned and labor-saving era, but also a key for the future connected to blockchain.

Koshido Co., Ltd.

Stay type operated by Koshido in SapporoThe hotel introduced BCL-XP1 and KEYVOXLaaP. In cooperation with AirHost, we have succeeded in shortening the key delivery and check-in operations. It has a low hurdle in terms of cost, has a variety of unlocking methods such as PIN pad, NFC, and application unlocking, and is highly evaluated for its high design. Automating check-in and handing over of keys is an essential flow for realizing unmanned labor saving. constantMr. Shido was one of the first to take notice of KEYVOX's solution, and we are also working together on research on new real estate asset utilization utilizing blockchain in the future.

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3 easy steps to start KEYVOX.

Owner installation procedure (for XPI)


​ Go to the application page from the "Start now" button, enter the necessary information and submit.



We will contact you to schedule the installation work. The worker will install it in about an hour on the same day.

Download the KEYVOX app and pair it with your lock to get started.





User procedure



Download the KEYVOX app. By verifying your identity, you can use more services.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 14.52.58.png


Search / Book / Pay

If you find a space or property that meets your needs, complete the reservation and payment as it is.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 14.50.21.png


Unlock / Use

KEYVOX appYou can unlock the door from the door and enter and exit the room.

Download the ​ app

safely and easily
Start your rental business anytime.

No monthly charge

​For accommodation and hourly hybrid management


Free plan

5,000 yen/month

Japan's first one-stop lock service


Paid plan

Download the free app now

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