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Please check the actual machine first. You can check it by visiting our showroom or at a Zoom meeting.

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Please make a reservation for your desired time from the KEYVOX reservation service by following the steps below.



Choose to visit us or Zoom

  • We look forward to seeing you at the Gotanda TOC showroom.

  • ​Zoom will send you the Zoom address later.

pick a time

  • Please choose a convenient time.

  • ​Only available times are displayed.




Visit the company on the day or participate in Zoom

  • When visiting the company, you can unlock the showroom with the reserved PIN. I will give you an explanation on the day.

  • For ​Zoom, please log in to the designated Zoom address and wait.


Blockchain Rock Inc.

Gotanda Showroom

〒141-0031 Tokyo

7-22-17 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku

TOC Building 10th Floor

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