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Non-face-to-face business platform
​Lock as a Platform



tablet check-in app

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With benefits

This key opens the door to the future.

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​ "Business", "Compliance", "Security" and "User Experience" are provided in one package.

1. business

OTA, cooperation with site controller, reservation management, room allocation, room inventory management, receipt issuance, sales report


​2. compliance

Check-in tablet, identity verification, online check-in, local check-in


3. Security

Smart lock, password issuance for each stay, collective entrance management


4. User experience

​ Accommodation reservation app, online check-in, key management, PIN display

Necessary for lodging and hourly rental business
All-in-one business application.

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 9.26.15.png

for starting a spatial business

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 9.49.33.png

Various locks compatible with KEYVOX

You can choose and use the best locks on the market.

✓ Necessary lodging and hourly rental business system is all-in-one
✓ No need for drilling work, zero restoration cost
✓ Unlock with an IC card such as Suica or PASMO or a smartphone
✓ Can be locked/unlocked and managed from the web

✓ Issuance of one-time password

✓ Advanced duplicate key creation by day of the week and time settings

✓ Accurate open/close log

Inquiry about initial introduction cost


PIN code, app, IC card compatible

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 11.08.54.png

​ Calendar view of PMS for intuitive management

Screenshot_20191023-201800 (1).png
Free for now

​Free check-in tablet app

PMS, check-in tablet, guest app all included.

・Collaboration with the site controller

It is possible to cooperate with multiple OTAs (online travel agents) in cooperation with the site controller. All you need is a KEYVOX LaaP contract. Seamless process from receipt of reservation to issuance of PIN.

​ Linked site controller: Neppan! , Beds24 (planned)

・ Easy room allocation and inventory management

By registering the room type, the room allocation will be done automatically. Of course, it is possible to flexibly manage, such as changing, canceling, and reassigning room assignments from the management screen.

・Variety of check-in options

Check-in can be done in a variety of ways, including a tablet app, guest app, and manual check-in at the front desk. We can flexibly handle both manned and unmanned facilities.

・Variety of unlocking methods

In addition to unlocking with a guest's unique PIN, you can select a variety of unlocking methods such as guest apps and IC cards. The KEYVOX cloud can be used to easily perform a wide variety of management.

No credit card registration required


Case study
Yolo Base

It has been fully adopted as a smart lock and facility management service for hotels and co-working places attached to "Yolo Base" operated by Yolo Japan Co., Ltd. as a training center for foreigners in Shin-Imamiya, Osaka. A total of 85 units, including 76 guest rooms and 9 offices and co-working rooms, are running on KEYVOX LaaP. In addition to being able to easily make reservations and payments with the Yolo Hotel app, guests will be able to open the room lock with Bluetooth and check the PIN during their stay.


If you would like to check the actual machine, please reserve a Zoom demo.

KEYVOX Expertwill guide you.

No credit card registration required

Blockchain Lock Co., Ltd. Uchisaiwaicho Office


safely and easily
Start your space business anytime.

No monthly charge

First of all, from reservation management without smart lock


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