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to hotels, rental spaces, rental offices, etc.


KEYVOX offers key management, reservations, payments, check-ins, and unlocking. All-in-one cloud service.

Looking for a smart lock? ​KEYVOX is the best solution.


Supports a large number of locks

There are online locks that can be managed flexibly and offline locks that can be used without an internet connection. There are also automatic doors and electric locks. You can choose the most suitable lock from more than 10 kinds of locks according to your preference.

Easy linkage with various services

Through flexible APIs, we can link with various services necessary for space business such as site controller for lodging business, inventory management system (PMS), and Google calendar which is the standard for hourly rental business. You can easily connect to your own system.

all in one

Optional room inventory management (PMS) and reservation services are available. With just KEYVOX, you can operate a variety of businesses such as hotels, rental spaces, rental offices, and co-working spaces.

Select the type of lock


It can be retrofitted to existing locks such as Miwa Lock and GOAL.
*It can be installed by DIY.
*Please feel free to contact us for large-scale facilities.

Smart lock type Lockin G30


Electric lock/automatic door type BCL-QR1

It can be installed not only on existing physical locks, but also on electric locks and moving doors.
*Please contact us for installation.


Key box type Lockin L1

You can start at the lowest cost with a smart key box that holds a physical key.
​ *Compatible with almost all doors.


Various system linkages

It can be linked with various applications such as room allocation management PMS, reservation service, check-in service, etc.

Accommodation management system

Hourly reservation system

Rental spaces, co-working spaces, rental offices, work booths, etc. can be linked with various time reservation services.

You can build your own original service using various APIs.

In-house system

KEYVOX is an all-in-one

If you add an option pack that matches your business purpose, you can use only KEYVOX to create hotels, rental spaces,
Various business operations such as rental offices and coworking spaces are possible.


Office management pack

Achieving office entry and exit at a low cost. You can easily set access conditions for employees, guests, cleaning staff, etc. from the web management screen. You can use PIN, IC card, QR code, application, etc. for unlocking.

This is an all-in-one pack with functions necessary for accommodation business such as PMS, site controller linkage, check-in service, etc. If you need our own reservation site, please select "Space Business Strongest Pack".

Hotel Management Package

Spatial Business Strongest Pack

In addition to all the functions of the office management pack and hotel management pack, this is the best value pack that includes the creation of your own reservation site that provides a modern UI.

talk to a professional

Not sure what to choose?
Professionals who are familiar with KEYVOX product knowledge will guide you. As a countermeasure against infectious diseases, we are accepting face-to-face demonstrations while checking the actual machine online on Zoom or at the Gotanda Showroom.

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