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Industry first
Run a gym with just rock.



This is Japan's first and industry's first solution that allows you to operate a membership business with just a lock. Management of membership clubs such as fitness clubs and gymscan be realized with one app. at the doorInstall the KEYVOX smart lock and use the ​You can start your fitness/gym business just by downloading the app.

No credit card registration required



Membership management and access management in one cloud.

All you have to do is decide on the type of membership, such as an app or IC card. After that, you can access it by registering the member in the cloud. Easily create various membership plans such as weekday membership, night membership, and weekend membership, and automatically issue a key suitable for each. All in one, nothing else needed.KEYVOX misses new business opportunitiesI don't.

No credit card registration required


Earn more with member club/hourly rental hybrid operation.

With the KEYVOX LaaP service, you can rent time between individual lessons, collect monthly memberships, and manage different business models on a single management screen. Taking reservations from the reservation platform and renting time is also easily realized by linking with Google Calendar. KEYVOX, which allows flexible membership management and key management, is ideal for this changing era.

No credit card registration required

​ Property inventory management



Smart Lock ​+​ Mobile App


​ Room entrance/exit history management



All-in-one membership business functions.

KEYVOX LaaP comes standard with member management functions, payment functions, identity verification functions, and self-check-in services. Just by using KEYVOX's smart lock service, you can start a membership business such as a gym or fitness without subscribing for additional services. The service is always up-to-date via the cloud.

No credit card registration required

Case study

Easily linked with the IC card of the AI fitness machine.

AI Fitness Furdi

Furdi has a nationwide franchise of AI fitness clubs. In the past, we used smart locks from other companies, but we received a lot of feedback from franchisee owners that maintenance costs were high. Under such circumstances, KEYVOX has been designated as a new solution, and the existing IC card for AI machines is registered in the KEYVOX cloud, and access rights are linked to the cloud and provided to members for each new enrollment. You can use many functions such as setting groups for each hour and acquiring real-time logs that immediately show who entered the room.

No credit card registration required


3 easy steps to start KEYVOX.

Owner installation procedure (for XPI)


​ Go to the application page from the "Start now" button, enter the necessary information and submit.



We will contact you to schedule the installation work. The worker will install it in about an hour on the same day.

Download the KEYVOX app and pair it with your lock to get started.





User procedure



Download the KEYVOX app. By verifying your identity, you can use more services.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 14.52.58.png


Search / Book / Pay

If you find a space or property that meets your needs, complete the reservation and payment as it is.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 14.50.21.png


Unlock / Use

KEYVOX appYou can unlock the door from the door and enter and exit the room.

Download the ​ app

Download the free app now

safely and easily
Start your rental business anytime.

No monthly charge

​For accommodation and hourly hybrid management


Free plan

5,000 yen/month

Japan's first one-stop lock service


Paid plan

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