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Cloud native locker

Want to monetize your business  with locker?

KEYVOX locker offers open API to integrate with.

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New model for receiving only

"Bancho" now on sale!

The price has become more affordable.



Business will rapidly change to non-face-to-face emphasis in line with the "new social style". The KEYVOX smart locker series contributes to non-face-to-face business. "I want a non-face-to-face cleaning delivery locker." "I need a non-face-to-face food delivery pickup locker." We flexibly respond to such demands. Contact our solutions team for a non-face-to-face locker solution customized for your business.


​ Please also check the commentary article by representative Okamoto.Click here>




Flexible scale-up is realized by connecting multiple lockers to one control box.

Use Case

One platform for all locker businesses.

"I want to do something like this, but the locker company doesn't respond flexibly."

​Have you ever had such an experience? With KEYVOX locker solutions, you can choose the locker solution that fits your business. It can be used at a low customization cost for the following use cases where unmanned, non-face-to-face, and non-contact business is conducted.

  • In-house PC delivery locker

  • Cashless (coin) lockers in public facilities

  • ​Luggage storage lockers after hotel check-out

  • Coworking space monthly membership locker

  • Lockers for C2C delivery at auction sites, etc.

  • ​B2C delivery locker for collection and delivery of cleaning stores

  • Delivery box in apartment

Solution brief

KEYVOX locker solution overview.

KEYVOX lockers are designed with the following design concepts in mind, so that they can quickly respond to all needs at a low cost.

  1. Concentrate on one control box

  2. Control box controls multiple locker doors

  3. Connect Control Box and KEYVOX Cloud

  4. ​The same key as the room key can be used

  5. Implementing complex control on the KEYVOX cloud side

  6. ​provides a sophisticated UI for users

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 8.55.07.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 11.07.33.png

​Main machine

Sub machine

Sub machine
​small only

standard size

Selectable standard size.

A KEYVOX locker consists of a main unit with a controller and subunits connected to it.

There are 3 types of subunits, large, medium, and small, and all of them are small box types.

In addition, various customizations are possible, such as making the depth 45 cm and integrating the controller with the box unit.

​Colors can be freely selected from PANTONE standard colors. In addition, it is possible to flexibly customize it according to the atmosphere of the facility, such as wood grain.


Approximate cost

KEVOX locker introduction cost estimate.

KEYVOX Locker provides an inexpensive solution for each use case, but it is very rare that it can be used without software integration. Therefore, the estimated cost will be calculated after discussing the use case and required specifications with the customer.

  1. Control boxx1

  2. Required number of locker boxes

  3. means of paymentxnecessary means

  4. Change control box UI as needed

  5. Modify KEYVOX cloud control function as needed

  6. Installation adjustment cost

  7. ​Operation and maintenance cost


3 easy steps to start KEYVOX locker.

Locker introduction procedure




Please contact us through the "Contact Us" link. The person in charge will contact you later.

We provide consulting on introduction. Please prepare in advance the model number of the door you want to move.


design development

We design and develop the necessary functions. After that, it will be delivered after installation and connection test.

Installation consultation




Various access methods

You can enter and exit quickly at any time with the NFC card (sold separately) issued by the administrator.


pin number

You can enter and exit easily and safely even with a PIN code that does not require anything.


mobile app

Simply download the KEYVOX app after admin approval.


​*sold separately


Dedicated NFC card

Download the free app now

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