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Complex access rights can be easily handled from the webmanagement.
Flexible access control service.


Simply attach the KEYVOX smart lock to the door of your office or hotel, and you can easily manage access rights. In the case of an office, constant access is given to the employee list, and in the case of a hotel, simply handing over a key for a limited time to a guest makes it easy to manage with a unified operation.

✓ Available from KEYVOX DIY (free)

✓ Easy issuance of limited-time guest keys
✓ Unlock with an IC card such as Suica or PASMO or a smartphone
✓ Locking and unlocking from the web, overall access management

No credit card registration required



List all lock states. Quick access with search.

When you log in to your KEYVOX admin panel (usually BACS, a blockchain-based access control service), you can access your admin panel dashboard where you can see the status of all your locks. From this dashboard, you can easily access the lock by searching for the room name or facility name. You can issue one-time passwords for the locks you find, send open/close instructions, and manage them freely from a monthly fee.

No credit card registration required


​Low cost IC card key issuance for hotel guests.

Complicated hotel front desk operations will be upgraded at a low cost. IC cards can be easily issued simply by specifying the length of stay for guests. It can be easily integrated with your PMS. (Please contact our sales representative as we need to take action on the PMS side.) It is also possible to build a new user experience, such as sending a PIN code in advance when a reservation is completed without issuing an IC card.

Check current lock status from dashboard

✓ Granting guest access to specific IC cards

✓ Grant guest access by PIN code

✓ Grant cleaning crew access to all rooms

✓ employeePrompt removal of access rights after leaving the company

✓ Advanced duplicate key creation by day of the week and time settings

✓ Accurate accommodation records recorded in blockchain

​* Compatible smart locks only

No credit card registration required


WEB management screen

Location management

Device management

Member management

door management

​Access log management

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Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 16.28.02.png


Entering and exiting due to changes in the number of employees
Efficient management.  

You can easily manage office security by freely combining IC cards in addition to locations, doors, smart locks, groups, and people. If you want to increase the number of doors to manage, just scan the smart lock and register it on the management screen. You can use various functions such as the following.

Member group management from dashboard

✓ Registration of IC card, grant of access rights to IC card

✓ Registration of app users and granting of access rights to apps

✓ Grant access via member-specific PIN code

Issuance of one-time password

✓ Create multiple organizations and manage access rights for each organization

✓ Advanced duplicate key creation by day of the week and time settings

✓ Accurate entry/exit records recorded in blockchain

No credit card registration required



​Rental space management is also from the KEYVOX management screen.

​Until now, you had to think separately from the smart lock. By selecting rental space as an attribute of the room when setting up the door, you can easily publish the space to the KEYVOX app. Guests can easily find, book and use your space.

✓ Easily change to rental mode in door settings

✓ Set the rental period by specifying the day of the week and time

✓ Set unit price per hour

✓ Equipment settings such as projectors in the room

✓ Publish settings to the KEYVOX rental space network

✓ Easy management with mobile app for owners

✓Give guest access by PIN code

✓ Accurate entry/exit records recorded in blockchain

No credit card registration required


3 easy steps to start KEYVOX.

Owner installation procedure (for XPI)




​ Go to the application page from the "Start now" button, enter the necessary information and submit.

We will contact you to schedule the installation work. The worker will install it in about an hour on the same day.



Download the KEYVOX app and pair it with your lock to get started.





Employee access method

You can enter and exit quickly at any time with the NFC card (sold separately) issued by the administrator.


pin number

You can enter and exit easily and safely even with a PIN code that does not require anything.


mobile app

Simply download the KEYVOX app after admin approval.


​* Compatible locks only


Dedicated NFC card


safely and easily
Start your rental business anytime.

No monthly charge

First of all, from reservation management without smart lock


Download the free app now

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