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KEYVOX Partner Program

Admission fee of 15,000 yen

Any number of locks are free!
Monthly plan option pack free!

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Purpose of this program

This is a membership organization that aims to make facility operators themselves members of the KEYVOX service operators and create a safer and more profitable sharing infrastructure together.

​Membership benefits

lock shipping

If you subscribe to a monthly plan for the number of locks when you introduce the facility for the first time, any number of the latest Lockin brand locks will be free. In the case of multiple facilities, if it is the first time at the facility, it will be free of charge.


Option pack free

If you use the KEYVOX reservation payment service, the "Space Business Strongest Pack" (7,000 yen/month) is free.
*You need to pay the basic monthly fee (2,500 yen/lock) for the number of locks.


​exercise of voting rights

You can exercise voting rights on decisions in the KEYVOX community. The number of votes is one voting right per member. This is your chance to reflect your own opinion on KEYVOX.


​token acquisition

Tokens that can be used in the KEYVOX service will be distributed irregularly to membership holders. We will prepare a wealth of benefits, such as being able to use it at facilities that have introduced the KEYVOX service.


Enrollment fee

15,000 yen


How to join






Valid until canceled

空間ビジネス最強パック 7,000円/月 が無料(アカウント管理料2,500円はかかります)



Conditions for joining the KEYVOX Partner Program

To join the KEYVOX Partner Program, you must meet the following conditions.


  1. Payment of enrollment fee (limited to 10,000 members)

  2. Annual contract for the basic usage fee of the paid KEYVOX service (A credit card must be registered on the management screen. Cancellation is not possible in the first year.)

  3. Wallet address setting on the KEYVOX WEB management screen

If you no longer meet any of the above conditions, or even if you meet all the conditions, your membership may be terminated if the KEYVOX Partner Program community decides that you are unfavorable.

Regular billing for the KEYVOX service will begin at the time of withdrawal from the membership.

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