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Japan's only
Cloud native locker.



KEYVOX Smart Locker is a locker that evolves by connecting to the cloud. Service starts at the time of introduction. A smart locker that can provide a variety of non-face-to-face services in cooperation with your company's member service. It is possible to handle a variety of operations such as delivery of EC operations, opening and closing in conjunction with membership cards, and deposits in conjunction with accommodation reservations.

You can check the actual machine at the Gotanda Showroom.


Work supported by KEYVOX Smart Locker

Complete any non-face-to-face business.


Short term

long term

​not reserved



Non-face-to-face and automated delivery at the counter.

​ As a countermeasure against new infectious diseases, non-face-to-face delivery of food and drinks is progressing. By introducing KEYVOX smart lockers, it is possible to achieve both non-infectious disease measures and labor cost reduction at the same time. It is also possible to use KEYVOX's service without development, as well as linking with the company's member application.



Automate and monetize suitcase storage.

In the lodging business, it is a routine business to look after the suitcases of travelers. In hotels where non-face-to-face low cost is progressing, the number of facilities that do not store luggage in order to reduce labor costs has increased. However, by introducing KEYVOX smart lockers, it is possible to reduce labor costs and achieve profitability at the same time. You can use it for free during your stay with the same PIN as the PIN for your room, and you can also monetize it by providing it for a fee before check-in and after check-out.

​KEYVOX smart lockers are easy to link with the payment function.



Make PC delivery non-face-to-face.

It is very troublesome for the person in charge of internal information systems to handle new hires every month, as well as lending, repairing, and handing over computers. If you have a KEYVOX smart locker, just put it in the locker at the time of delivery and send the PIN to the employee. You can dramatically reduce the load of delivery work up to now. It can also be used as a temporary storage locker for business travelers or as a temporary storage locker in a free address office.



A locker can be rented in conjunction with a membership card.

If you manage your fitness club or gym membership card with an IC card or QR code, you can use your membership card as a locker key with KEYVOX smart lockers. You can use it on the spot without making a reservation, or you can make a reservation and use it, and you can also provide equipment such as towels while charging.

By linking with the ​API and linking with the member application, it is possible to dramatically improve member satisfaction.


3 easy steps to start KEYVOX.

Owner installation procedure (for XPI)


​ Please send us your consultation details from the "Consult for introduction" button.

​Introduction consulting


A KEYVOX consultant will visit you later for an introduction consultation.

After you place an order, you will be able to carry out manufacturing, delivery, and installation work.





safely and easily
Start your rental business anytime.

No monthly charge

​For accommodation and hourly hybrid management


Free plan

5,000 yen/month

Japan's first one-stop lock service


Paid plan

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