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BOPIS compatible smart locker



Purchase with your smartphone
​ received non-face-to-face.

Locker solution specializing in Buy Online, Pick up in store/BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store).

​We will actively support non-face-to-face and non-contact customer service as a countermeasure against infectious diseases.

​Ideal for non-face-to-face take-out at restaurants and non-face-to-face pickup for online shopping.



How BOPIS works

  1. Order by smartphone

  2. Order to store via cloud

  3. Store prepares products and stores them in lockers

  4. When the store changes the status to "pickup available", the user is notified of the QR code or PIN via the cloud

  5. ​User scans QR code or enters PIN at locker to pick up


Various mobile orders are supported.

Compatible with XERO Co., Ltd.'s ZERO cash register, which specializes in restaurants, and ELESTYLE Co., Ltd.'s OneQR, a general-purpose mobile cash register that can handle any business.

You can combine it with your favorite mobile order.

*ZERO Register is a trademark of XERO Co., Ltd.

*OneQR is a trademark of ELESTYLE Inc.



Smart lock cooperation.

PINs can be linked with various smart locks and entrance solutions linked with KEYVOX Cloud.

For example, you can easily unlock the windbreak room with the same password as the locker even outside business hours and take out the luggage in the locker inside the windbreak room with a single setting.

Batch management is possible.

  • Multiple payment services can be supported without development or initial costs

  • You can centrally manage stores, products, orders, payment data, etc.



Easy-to-use management screen.

You can start using the KEYVOX web management screen without system linkage.

  1. Ask for the user's mobile number on the site or face-to-face

  2. When the product is ready, unlock the locker from the management screen and put the product in

  3. Send an SMS with a PIN to the user's mobile number

  4. After receiving the SMS, the user enters the PIN number at the locker and picks up the product.



Locker API.

Want even more customization?

Locker API allows easy integration into your own site or membership app. For more information, please check the developer portal, developer forum, and Gitlab at the links below.

Download the free app now

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