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Limited to the first 100 people!

37,400 yen → 7,400 yen (tax included)


Twitter/YouTube Short

30,000 yen will be returned by posting videos on SNS

​Product to purchase: G30 SmartLock with Fingerprint Pad
Hashtag: #keyvox #lockin #g30 # smart lock # fingerprint authentication


G30 SmartLock (with fingerprint authentication pad) by posting videos

30,000 yen cash back

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 16.45.27.png

Campaign details

campaign period

October 26 (Wednesday) to November 30 (Wednesday), 2022

* Even within the above period, it will end as soon as it runs out.

Campaign details

30,000 yen cash back for those who purchase G30 SmartLock (with fingerprint authentication pad) 37,400 yen (tax included) and post a video of fingerprint authentication on Twitter or YouTube Short

Campaign conditions

  • G30 SmartLock with Fingerprint PadKEYVOX official shop ( who purchased from

  • *Please note that purchases on Amazon are not eligible.

  • Limited to 1 per person

  • Applications from multiple people with the same order ID are not eligible.

  • Orders with different order IDs and the same delivery address are not eligible

  • Those who posted a video of fingerprint authentication on Twitter/YouTube Short

  • The operation scene of the main body inside the door is also included

  • Those who posted with the hashtag "#keyvox #lockin #g30 #smart lock #fingerprint authentication" at the time of posting

  • Those who have submitted the posted URL, purchase site, and purchase date when applying for the campaign

  • ​If there are no defects in the transfer account information

Campaign terms

If the purpose of resale is suspected, we may unilaterally refuse cashback.

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